Friday, October 30, 2009

Fritz Darges, Adolf Hitler's Adjutant, Dies at 96

Volunteering to join the SS right out of school in 1933, Fritz Darges moved up the ranks eventually reaching First Lieutenant in 1937. As the war broke out Darges became a company commander earning himself two Iron Crosses and distinguishing himself as a skilled leader. In March of 1943 Darges became Hitler's adjutant, giving him ultimate access to all war plans and the life of Adolf Hitler.

Darges was famously dismissed as adjutant and sent to the eastern front when Hitler asked him to kill a fly and Darges joking states that it was an airborne issue and the responsibility of the Luftwaffe. Darges then took command of the 5th Panzer Regiment where he was awarded the Knight's Cross for his involvement in an engagement in January 1945. There his regiment destroyed a Soviet Tank Force and advanced toward Regis Castle, forcing the garrison there to retreat. Darges quickly found himself surrounded by Soviet reinforcements and fought off numerous attacks for three days until he was relieved by another tank regiment.

Darges died on October 25, 2009 at the age of 96 leaving behind a manuscript which was instructed to be published after his death. The manuscript is believed to shed some light on the inner works and conversations of Adolf Hitler. Many historians believe that Darges' manuscript will show that Hitler planned and executed the 'final solution' which resulted in the death of millions of Jews. It will be interesting to read through this manuscript when it is published and learn, first hand, about Hitler from the perspective of Nazi commander.

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