Friday, November 6, 2009

A Hoard of Ancient Jewelry Found in Scotland

David Booth had only purchase the metal detector five days prior and was out scanning his first field for hidden treasure. He never expected to unearth one of the most significant finds in Scotland in the last 150 years. Booth was about an hour into his first treasure hunting experience when his device went off. Only seven paces away from his car it told him that there was gold. Marking out the territory and digging about six to seven inches down he discover something that people might only dream of finding. Buried in ground he found four gold necklaces that have been dated during the Iron Age (around 300BC-100BC). 

Within hours of contacting the National Museum of Scotland, officials met him to examine the find. Experts such as Dr. Fraser Hunter is elated about the discovery and immediately established a dig around the site in which the gold pieces were found. The pieces have identify by style and type to come from the Southwestern France which means they were purchased and brought to the area in some way. Hunter believed that this "will revolutionise the way Scotland's ancient inhabitants are viewed - it shows they were much less isolated than previously believed." The dig site revealed remnants of a wooden roundhouse, leading experts to believe that the jewellery was buried for safekeeping or possible used as an ancient votive. These finds "suggest tribes in what we think of as 'Scotland' had rather wider links than archaeologists a generation ago would have expected. They knew what was going on elsewhere, valued similar things, and emulated practice in burials or votives." The dig site is being kept secret at this time while the "Treasure Trove Unit" of the National Museum of Scotland seeks to answer questions that have been brought about by this latest find.

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