Friday, August 13, 2010

History Links: Early American History

If you have been reading this blog for some time you would be able to pick up quickly that my favorite area of history is early American. Anything involving the American Revolution to the Civil War I find compelling and worth a great deal of study and learning. With this in mind it is no surprise that one of my favorite history sites to visit on a regular basis is Early American History:

Over the past 15 years this site has grown into a preeminent resource for all information related to the eighteenth century. The editor and founder of this site Don Vitale has done a fantastic job at building multiple avenues of information and learning for the novice and the historian alike. The website provides various documents, maps, primary resources, teaching tools, along with numerous multimedia outlets such as online games, music, videos, and even follow the site on twitter. One can also find biographies on major players in early American history, a forum for discussion on different aspects of this era, and a twice yearly produced online journal called the Early American Review.

Dating back to 1996 the Early American Review truly was the first of its kind, a journal dedicated to the eighteenth century. I find the articles in this journal informative and interesting. Written by professional historians as well as the amateur ones the Review continually produces a top quality product each and every time. This writer even has an article published in the Summer/Fall 2009 edition titled, "The Regulators Movement in the Carolinas."  ( With all the different aspects available on this website it is a must read for everyone. I highly suggest giving some time to visiting it and making it one of your favorites.  

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