Monday, August 23, 2010

Mark Twain's Game of History

There are very few options out there now-a-days for the history lover to play a fun board game with friends or family. Problem is there really isn't a huge demand for history board games. No one learned this fact better than Mark Twain. In 1883 Samuel L Clemens, known better as Mark Twain, was down on his luck and sought out creating a children's board game which he believed would make him millions. The game involved memorizing dates of historical events and moments and earning points as you progressed.

Turned out that the game was too complicated to even set up and very few people found it fun to play. I can not imagine that I would ever find this game entertaining but I would love the opportunity to play a quality history game that could actually involve an engaging learning experience. Of course for those of you out there considering creating the ultimate history board game maybe the words of Mark Twain will change your mind. "If you have ever tried to invent an indoor historical game, don't... I might have known it wouldn't be an easy job, or somebody would have invented a decent historical game long ago."

"Twain's Game," American Heritage, Spring 2010, 12.

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