Wednesday, September 1, 2010

3000-Year-Old Temple Discovered in Jordan

Little information is being revealed at this time and pictures are not being released however according to the Jordanian antiquities department they have unearthed a 3000-year-old temple, which places it in the Iron Age. The main room of the sanctuary is said to be 97 feet by 43 feet, along with a couple additional rooms and a courtyard. The temple looks to be apart of the Moabite Kingdom spoke of in the Old Testament of the Bible (I Kings 11:7). The area is becoming known as "Little Petra" because of its close proximity (only 3 miles) from the city of Petra itself. In addition to the temple itself, numerous artifacts were found such as 300 pots, figurines of deities, and items used in their worship practices. It will be interesting to see how this discovery will shed light on an ancient culture and its religious practices.

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