Saturday, November 6, 2010

History Links: The Online Library of Liberty

I stumbled across this website a short time back while trying to search for primary sources in the eighteenth century. It is the Online Library of Liberty sponsored by the Liberty Fund. The focus of the Liberty Fund organization and its library is based on individual liberty and preserving it in our day and age. Their entire library can be viewed by using PDF (which is how I recommend), HTML, or many other options that work best for you. This is an excellent source for the individual attempting research on early America or simply the casual historian who wants to understand more about the Enlightenment and its writings. I highly recommend making the Library of Liberty your first destination in seeking quality primary sources for free. Below is just a small example of the offerings which the online library provides.
  • The Federalist Papers
  • Plato's Republic
  • Gibbon's Decline and Fall
  • John Locke's Two Treaties
  • The Divine Comedy
  • The Writing of Karl Marx
  • The Correspondence and Public Papers of John Jay
  • The Complete Works of John Adams
  • ... and so much more

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