Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Book: "Robert Morris" by Charles Rappleye

Robert Morris' signature can be found on the Declaration on Independence if you look carefully just to the right of John Hancock's. Originally however Robert Morris opposed independence and walked out of the final vote allowing the Pennsylvania delegation to vote unanimously for separation from Britain. From there he became a vital cog in the war effort by using his business connection to supply the American forces. The author of a new book Charles Rappleye actually argues that the war could not have been won if it was not for Morris' efforts. As Washington marched his troops to Yorktown to take advantage of the situation against the British, Morris took care of all the behind the scenes details. Morris effectively became the treasury for the new United States during the war. Unfortunately for Morris he went bankrupt in a real estate bubble after the Revolution and spent three years toward the end of his life in prison. This should be a great read on a fairly unknown player in our fight for independence.


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