Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sentiments for Alexander Hamilton

It is well recorded that Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton were hated political rivals. To believe these two men had anything more than casual respect for each other may be over stating it. When Hamilton was killed in duel with Aaron Burr in 1804 few would have expected Jefferson to be anything but delighted that his biggest rival in the political arena had met his demise. If one were to examine his scrapbook of poetry you would learn something totally different.

Wafted by our nation's sigh,
Thy soul is gone to realms above, 
To meet its Washington on high,
Kindred souls! pure as the dove.

Spirit of the heavenly regions, 
Crown'd with never-ending fame,
List and hear how earthly legions
Consecrate they deathless name.

From that blest, that holy dwelling, 
Where, midst fields of glory bright,
Thou the sacred anthem swelling,
With white-rob'd ministers of light.

Behold the patriot's bosom burning,
The virgin's tears descend for thee;
Columbia's sons indignant mourning,
The soldier of humanity.

Vengeance lights each honest feature, 
Gainst the dark, malignant hand,
Who coldly shot a fellow creature,
A man belov'd by all our land.

Our empire's union's great defender,
Lies mouldering in the silent tomb,
Its foes will now strive hard to rend her;
Uncertain is our nation's doom!!

Great Hamilton! they country's story
To latest time will clearly prove,
How great thy worth and martial glory,
Embalm'd with all Columbia's love

Jefferson is surprising us by including this poem in his scrapbook. He is showing that despite having Hamilton as a bitter rival he maintained respect for him as a patriot and leader in the country.

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