Thursday, May 5, 2011

Last World War 1 Veteran Dies

Claude Choules has passed on to glory being the last known veteran of the First World War. Joining the Royal Navy in 1916 Choules saw two years of service which took him to witnessing the surrender of the German fleet in 1918. The story of the First World War is much forgotten behind the grandeur of the Second World War however it is one war which time should not forget. Living in Austrlia most of his life since the First World War, Choules was a low key participator in the Second World War mainly helping with a German mine that washed ashore as well as the protection of Fremantle Harbor. The stories which Choules would have been able to tell about his experience would have been invaluable and I hope a portrait of his history can be passed down to other generations even if only through his family. Choules passing reminds us all of one of the bloodiest wars in world history and from my perspective I thank him for his service to England and the alliance which won the war.

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