Thursday, April 26, 2012

Our Nation Divided: Civil War 150th 2012

I know it has been forever since I wrote about the Civil War and for that I am sad. I was so excited to read more and understand more about the Civil War during this period of the 150th anniversary but living in the Midwest, one is far removed from the action. This is something I will remedy.

These next few years are a once in a lifetime opportunity for the public and so many states are taking advantage of it. I want people that read this blog to not miss out on all the great events, reenactments, and living history presentations that are happening. One of the best sources I have found is through The Civil War Trust. They have been an active leader in informing the public so they won't miss out on these fantastic events. It is a must visit website for events, news, and history of the Civil War. They also have links to other sites that can help you along the war such as finding events in your state, NPS,, and my favorite which are the blogs to the Washington Post and New York Times on the Civil War. I encourage everyone to click the link and investigate the website so you won't miss out on any events in your area.

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