Saturday, July 14, 2012

History on YouTube: LBJ and his pants

You know the first time I ever heard this I honestly thought it was a joke. The recording is of President Johnson from the White House ordering pants from a tailor in Dallas, Texas. And this is no ordinary tailor, this is the founder of Haggar Clothing Company, Joe Haggar himself. When you listen to the audio you find out quickly that LBJ loves these pants but has very specific changes he wants to make on six pairs that he would like to order. For instance he asks for the pockets to be about an inch deeper to hold his money and knife (my first question was what in the world does the President need money or a knife for). The best line however is when he asks for the crotch area to be let out because his previous pair "keeps cutting him." Then to top off this moment where he asks Joe Haggar to let out the area "where your nuts hang," he belches so loud its obvious he was eating and drinking at the time. He goes on to detail his weight gain and shirts he wants as well. The entire phone call is priceless and a must hear for everyone.

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