Thursday, April 25, 2013

The George W. Bush Legacy

As the George W Bush Presidential Library opens today many pundits and even historians are weighing in on how Bush will be remember, what is his legacy? As much as people would like to talk about this now the emotions run too high on how people feel about him one way or the other. The consquences of his accomplishments and even his failures can not be properly evaluted at this time in history. It can take a minimum of 20-25 years to be able look back and see the big picture on the impact a President has had on our country. There are numerous examples of Presidents who have been considered failures after leaving the White House but as time continues the scope of their impact changes. It is difficult to argue against the fact the Bush was a good man, strong in his faith, and who loved America but his impact on our history and society will take some time to determine.

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