Saturday, April 6, 2013

Yesterday's News: June 30, 1815

I love all things about history, not only the things that have changed over the last two hundred years but also the things that have not. As I was reading through an old London paper called "The Courier" and I saw on the front page an advertisement for a house for sale. The simplicity of the article was great and yet at the same time I notice how similar the advertisement is to ones we see today.
"Impeccable Tudor home nestled on over one private treed acre in prestigious Coldstream. The home boasts updated kitchen & baths"
"To be sold or let for a Term, a moderate-sized Family House in excellent repair, situate in a cheap and pleasant part of the Country of Somerset."
Both of these advertisement are extremely similar yet one is from 1815 and the other is from 2013, can you guess which one? (the one from 1815 is the bottom one) The rest of the advertisement is fairly similar as well detailing the elements of the home that would appeal to everyone, how much land is available, and who to contact to make the purchase. It's amazing how simple things don't change.

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